Beginner's Recommended Equipment

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Beginner_s Recommended Equipment

This page introduces equipment sets recommended for beginners in Mitrasphere. It includes recommended weapon sets for beginners as well as armor and head accessories by job.

Recommended Swordsman Equipment Sets

Recommended Weapon Sets

Crystal EaterCrystal
Stone EdgeStone
Folia FlingFolia Fling Flor SaberFlor Saber
DPS Greatsword
(Dragonkin Recommended)
Bronze SwordBronze Sword Holy StilettoHoly
Holy AxeHoly

This equipment set uses the Holy Stiletto, Stone, Holy Axe, Bronze, and Crystal, which are easily collected even by beginners. Flor Saber and Folia are more advanced weapons and harder to get but pair well together because Flor extends Folia’s Critical Rate UP (A) and Crystal Eater’s Physical Damage UP (B), allowing multiple high damage hits before having to set up buffs again.

Recommended Guardian Equipment Set

Recommended Weapon Sets

Mitra Knight’s Spada
Folia Guard
Holy LanceHoly
Bronze SpathaBronze
Elemental Res. UP Shield
(Fire: Birka)
(Water: Rogue)
(Earth: L'Aiguille)
Stone PlateStone
Steel FalchionSteel
Angel Feather
AOE Shield
Träne Schild

Your core items are Mitra/Folia, Bronze, Steel, and Stone Plate in the early phases, Holy Lance is a good starter spear and it extends Steel Falchion Buffs, Angel Feather is a good AOE aggro weapon and applies debuffs. Draak & Trane are slightly later but they are core once released. For now, you can replace Elemental Resistance Shields and Draak/Träne with Holy Spine and back weapons if the fight calls for them.

Guardian attack weapons often raise DPS depending on your Phys. DEF, so prioritize your Physical DEF. Endurance is also important, so we recommend armor that increases Phys./Magic DEF, Accuracy, and Max HP.

Recommended Cleric Equipment Set

Recommended Weapon Sets

Mer Tear RodMer Tear
Steel MaceSteel
Mitra RandelloMitra
Crystal MaceCrystal
Steel Mace
Wooden Staff
Wooden StaffWooden
Holy CrownHoly
Folia Poer/Flor Thorn/Free Slot

This is a well-balanced Cleric build where you can apply Recovery UP using the Crystal Mace, fully revive your party with Mitra, or single-target revive with Holy Crown. Folia and Flor are both situational as not every boss can poison nor does every boss allow you to set up Flor’s Heal on Action buff, so treat it as a filler slot.

Clerics take on the duty of recovering the HP of their entire party, so prioritize your equipment around Magic DEF/ATK UP, which increases recovery depending on what Mace you are using.

Recommended Archer Equipment Set

Recommended for Beginners

Mitra ArcMitra Arc Free Slot Inferno PelterInferno
Free Slot
Stone SniperStone Sniper Earth SniperEarth Sniper Angel SparrowAngel
Cursed BulletCursed Bullet

This set contains 3-Star weapons that are easy to obtain, so we recommend this configuration for beginners. One of the free slots can be Stone Sniper for 100% uptime on its buff until you get something better.

It is important for Archers to continually apply buffs and debuffs. In order to continually apply buffs/debuffs, it is important that you don't get knocked out, so we recommend defensive equipment. Some boss fights require Earth Sniper and either Phantom Skull or Crystal Sphere so those can go in the free slots if needed.

Recommended Mage Equipment Set

Recommended Weapon Sets

Crystal WandCrystal
Holy FalxHoly
Fortune CardFortune
Extreme/BA (Massive)
Steel StickSteel
Free Slot Free Slot Stardust DiceStardust Dice

This set contains items that can be traded for using Nekia Medals and easily obtained 3-Star gacha weapons.

The Crystal, Steel, Stone, Holy, and Fortune Card can appear as 3-Star weapons, so until you get the weapons you want, we recommend using 3-Star weapons as a substitute.

Mages are attackers and debuffers. In order to boost your DPS as an attacker, you should use equipment that increases Magic ATK. An optimal rotation consists of Scythe -> Crystal -> Fortune -> Stardust -> Dragonkin. For those without Stardust, going straight from Fortune to Dragonkin can still provide great burst damage, but consider other buffs in its stead such as the Steel Stick.


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