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Combat System

This page introduces the Mitrasphere battle system. It describes the eight weapon skills, cooldown times, how to fight while considering row formation, including buff & debuffs and moving forward/back, Dragonkin transformations, and the roles of the five jobs. Use this page to understand the game system of Mitrasphere.

The 5 Battle System Elements

  1. 8 Skill Attacks Dependent on Equipment

8 Skill Attacks Dependent on Equipment

In Mitrasphere, you can equip 8 weapons. Each weapon comes with its own skill, allowing you to take actions such as attacking, supporting, or healing by tapping its icon during battle.

You can experience the thrill of defeating a boss after stacking buffs on your team and debuffs on your enemies.

  1. There Is a Cooldown

There Is a Cooldown

Skills have a cooldown time (a waiting period after taking an action until you can use the same action again), so you won't be able to use a skill again until the cooldown is up. The order and timing of your skill usage will be an important area of strategy.

Because you will be unable to use the same skill for a set time, upgrading just one weapon's skill will make fighting difficult.

  1. Fight in Co-Op (Drop-in Battles)

You co-op almost all of the quests in Mitrasphere, so you can join the battles of players in the same zone (quest).

There are no disadvantages to players for playing co-op, so it's easier to win in co-op than in solo mode. You can create a room whenever you want, so you can challenge higher difficulty levels with your favorite players or acquaintances.

  1. Dragonkin Transformations

Dragonkin Transformations

As you use your skills multiple times, the Dragonkin Gauge at the lower left will fill. When the gauge is maxed out, you can activate your Dragonkin Transformation whenever you wish. When you activate Dragonkin, your skill effect will be drastically upgraded one time.

Your Dragonkin ability is mighty and can turn the tide of battle, so be wise about when you activate it.

  1. Moving Forward/Back and Row Formation


Advantages and Disadvantages

Front RowFront Row

Increases attack
Easily targeted by enemies

Rear RowRear Row

Hard to get targeted by enemies
Damage taken halved
Attack reduced

A unique element in Mitrasphere fights is the battle formation. Skills come with arrow icons, allowing you to move either to the front or rear row depending on the skill.

Depending on the enemy, they may have an area attack that only damages the front row or rear row, so battles include a strategic element where you will move forward or back in order to avoid attacks.

The 5 Jobs and Their Roles

Job Name

Role and Characteristics


Role: Physical Attacker/Front Row Job
Weapon: Greatsword
Specializes in single-unit and row attacks
Can self-buff, but has low endurance


Role: Tank/Front Row Job
Weapon: Sword & Shield
High HP and DEF
Protects the party by luring attacks (Provocation)
Can self-heal, but has low DPS


Role: Magic Attacker/Back Row Job
Weapon: Staff
Specializes in magic attacks on all units and magic support
Can self-buff, but has low endurance


Role: Healer/Back Row Job
Weapon: Mace
Specializes in recovery, revival, and healing status abnormalities


Role: Supporter/Back Row Job
Weapon: Bow
High accuracy and evasion, support specialist

There are 5 Jobs in Mitrasphere, each with their own role. The weapon type you can equip and your role in battle will change depending on your job.

You can always change jobs, so you can switch to suit your situation. E.g. using Swordsman to complete quests and Cleric in boss battles.

Recommended Job for Early Game

We recommend the Swordsman, whose strategy is easy to rely on even when solo, and who has a high completion speed.

Healers and the like flourish in boss battles and high difficulties, so we recommend that in the early game you build your Swordsman, then from the mid-game onward decide what job to change to based on the equipment you've obtained.

Element Matchups






Boosts damage against Wind element enemies
Reduces damage from Wind element enemies



Boosts damage against Fire element enemies
Reduces damage from Fire element enemies



Boosts damage against Water element enemies
Reduces damage from Water element enemies



Boosts damage against Earth element enemies
Reduces damage from Earth element enemies



Boosts damage against Dark element enemies
Reduces damage from Dark element enemies



Boosts damage against Light element enemies
Reduces damage from Light element enemies

 Mitrasphere has element match-ups, causing changes in the amount of damage taken and dealt.

There are a total of six elements: Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, and Light and Dark (which are both weak to one another). There is an element icon beside the name of each monster, so use their weakness to gain the advantage in battle.

Auto Battle

An auto mode is included in Mitrasphere's battle system, so you can automatically complete quests.

Even during auto mode, you can tap weapons to queue which will be used next, so you can even complete relatively difficult dungeons.

Gain the Advantage by Upgrading

Gain the Advantage by Upgrading

There are no job levels in Mitrasphere. Stats are instead determined by equipment levels.

Equipment can be upgraded using the upgrade item seeds obtainable from regular quests and event quests (weekly quests, guerrilla quests, etc.)


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